Barbed Wire & Driving Safety: Just like traveling to other 2nd and 3rd world countries, it is not uncommon to see homes, hotels, and business with barbed wire at the tops of the fences/walls around the property and bars on windows or for driving safety to be very different that in the States.

We will use a hired driver for our time in Uganda, along with transportation being provided by pastors of churches we will minister to at on Sundays.

General Safety: Uganda is probably one of the safest countries in Africa to travel currently. However, just like when traveling in a city in the U.S. or Europe, it is important to use wisdom and keep valuables so they can not be easily accessed.

Uganda government and people are very welcoming to Americans.

Theft: Just like any other city, the street kids snatch jewelry, wallets, cellphones, laptops, etc.


  • Keep passport, wallet, and money in your front pocket or better yet, put them in a passport holder under your shirt. Keep your backpack zipped and use a lock on your zippers, keeping the key on a chain on your neck.
  • As a rule for our team, you should always travel in groups of two or three at a minimum. No one should ever go alone anywhere for wisdom's sake.