It is important that you bring dollar bills newer than 2003 with no tears or blemishes on them.  This helps your exchange rate and getting them accepted. (2003 is due to forgeries in times past)

Important -use $50 or $100 USD for best Exchange Rate – if you use smaller or older bills you will get less money in return and it does make  a difference.

To get the best exchange rate, money should be in $50 or $100 bills and printed after the year 2000. The bills should also be in good condition. It is also acceptable to have some smaller bills to use as tips or to purchase small items.

One of our Ugandan team leaders will assist us with getting our money exchanged in Kampala.

It is recommended to have approximately $30 budgeted per day.

Credit Cards: Even the UK government suggests not using credit cards in Uganda due to the possibility of someone stealing your card information. Cases of such have happened even in high end hotels according the UK government website. Cases of employees stealing your credit card information has happened here and other African Countries. Credit Card fraud and thefts have been on the rise in Uganda and become more sophisticated, and credit card fraud or theft has even been reported in major International Hotels If you have no other choice, the first choice of Credit Cards here is Visa and secondly Master Card. Barclays, Standard Chartered and Stanbic banks, have now been upgraded to accept international credit cards.

Money Changers:  Avoid them.  At border crossings, you will be haunted by them and many are con-artists who can make you think you are getting one amount, while in reality, you will get a lot less. Even if you are counting along, their hands are quicker than your eyes. It is best to go to a Forex Bureau or a Bank, do not use a Money Changer. The best advice – avoid Money Changers at the Border.

Money Safety: Wear a money belt around your waist to hide cash. Use safe in Hotel to put your airline ticket and also your passport. Make copies of passport, airline tickets and anything else that is an important document. Never flash any money in public such as in restaurants or public places since it will attract unwanted attention and it will be your loss.

Purchasing Items: Avoid using dollars when buying things such as crafts and souvenirs. You will lose money in the process. Convert your money to shillings at a Forex Bureau.

Restaurants & Hotels: Avoid hotels that charge in US$, it limits where you can stay but if you come from the USA your dollar converted will stretch further. Use Uganda Shillings at restaurants.