David's Tent DC Mission Trip Info
(Info taken from David's Tent DC)

Thank you for your interest in adding your voice to the 24/7 continuous love song to Jesus at David’s Tent USA. We are excited to see the beautiful diversity of the Church come together under a common tent to exalt Jesus! This letter lays out the logistics and, more importantly, the heart of volunteering at David’s Tent USA. We require that every volunteer staff member read and agree to these points.

Loving Jesus is our only agenda

David’s Tent USA has the very specific focus of loving on Jesus from the most central point of our nation. We are not protesting anything. We are not lobbying for anything. We are not seeking political change. We are not promoting any social or political viewpoint. We are simply seeking to give Jesus the love and honor that He is due from this city and nation.
Everything that comes from the stage should be worship, thanksgiving, and adoration for Jesus. We ask that there be no preaching, political opinions, or extended intercession from the stage - only worship.

We are happy to be here!

This is a celebration of the goodness and beauty of Jesus, who has opened up the way of salvation for all mankind. That’s good news! We want to offer up so much love to Jesus that He just can’t resist bringing His presence to our city and nation in a greater way than ever before. There are more than enough beautiful things about Jesus and what He has done to fill countless worship sets. We ask that worship leaders and staff focus on praise and adoration from the stage rather than petitions or intercession.
Protect our values
When you staff David’s Tent, we are putting our reputation in your hands. Please read the attached statement of our core values. We need to be able to trust you to embody and protect these values that define who we are. These values should guide all of your actions at David’s Tent, both on and off the stage.

We are all volunteers

The spirit of this event is that the family of God would join together in raw worship as if we were in our own living rooms, only we are actually in a tent on the National Mall! Therefore we are not offering financial compensation to worship leaders, staff, or anyone else working at the Tent. All staff are responsible for raising their own financial support. Further, we do not allow the selling of any merchandise at or near the Tent. The terms of our permit specifically prohibit any commercial transactions.

We started the 10,000 hour lovesong at 7pm on September 11th, 2015! The song has been running continuously and, originally, was planned to end on presidential election day, November 8th, 2016. In July, 2016, we officially announced, we are erasing this end date, and moving forward with perpetual worship in our nation's capital! We're so excited about it.

Time off during your time here will be coordinated through their team leader.

Staff fees are currently $350 monthly, which covers food, lodging, and transportation to and from the tent. This number is subject to change and could be considerably lower, depending on our funding. We encourage staff to support-raise from friends, family, and churches as if going on a missions trip!

Staffing is full-time, and therefore staff members will be unable to hold jobs during their time staffing at David's Tent.

Come prepared

This is an outdoor tent, so come prepared! Rain boots are highly recommended as the tent may be muddy or have standing water in periods of heavy rain.

Housing for our single staff has generally been dormitory-style in bunk beds. We have several community houses within the city. Expect to have roommates and probably not a huge amount of space to spread out, so pack only what you need! Housing for married couples and families will of course be arranged differently. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided, as well as some snacks and hot beverages at the tent.

Other Logistics

Staff Responsibilities: In order to keep David's Tent running we are required to have at least five staff on premises at all times. Right now, there are five different teams of staff, each with a shift ranging from 4-7 hours, 5-6 days a week. Each team has a team leader who has authority over the tent and all staff for their watch. The staff are responsible for checking in the bands that come, keeping the tent neat and orderly, greeting guests, dealing with law enforcement and park service personnel, unlocking the porta-johns for our attendees, keeping watch over the tent as security, and also filling in any empty worship slots that remain un-booked. While David’s Tent is primarily a worship tent, there is a small side tent available for prayer and a Bible reading station called “Ezra’s Platform.” Staff are encouraged to spend time in the prayer tent and Ezra’s Platform in addition to time in the worship tent. Staff should also be ready to share the gospel at any time, as tourists and curious passers-by stop frequently to ask questions. Each team will also be responsible for cooking their own meals, keeping their housing clean, and other work duties as necessary. As we get more staff, each team will also participate in evangelistic outreach and missions in DC. We want to be a light to the city in which we live, even as we worship!

Worship Time Slots: We schedule worship in 2-hour blocks. Worship is amplified with a full sound system from 7am until 9pm. Then a city ordinance requires that we be unamplified until the next morning. (We have an upright piano, acoustic guitars, and hand drums for use through the night.) We give scheduling preference to worship leaders who are able to commit to a regular time slot throughout the event, especially during the unamplified hours of our “night watch.” We strive for a seamless hand-off between worship sets. All musicians should have everything tuned and prepared as much as possible off-stage, then begin setting up on the stage during the last ten minutes of the set before them. Sound check will be done live as the set starts.

Be flexible

Unexpected occurrences do come up frequently, so we ask that all staff remain cheerful, encouraging, and willingly follow all directions given by their team leader without questions or complaint. All staff should also keep the same attitude when following the instructions of the National Park Police, National Park Service Rangers, United States Secret Service, or other law enforcement agencies.

Prepare your heart

Finally, don’t forget that a heart that is connected to Jesus and clean of known sin is the most important piece of equipment in your suitcase. Before you come, please spend time centering your heart on Jesus and asking the Holy Spirit to take you to deeper levels of intimacy with Jesus.

Thanks for reading through all that! If you wish to apply to staff at the Tent, please provide the information below. Email any questions to volunteer@davidstentdc.org