Budget $30 per day for your meals and snacks in Uganda. Of course, it is all subjective if you choose to buy steak or lobster at a meal verses chicken and rice dish.

There will also be times that you will only eat two meals a day because you simply do not have time to go out to eat because we are doing ministry. We will communicate daily what everyone needs to do with regards to purchasing food to pack a dinner to eat during Crusade time, etc. 

Due to our ministry time be around the city of Kampala instead of in more rural areas, there will be more opportunities to visit small grocers to grab snacks for your backpack to eat while on Crusade days.

Bottled Water: You will need to keep your water bottle with you to keep refilling, but you can also purchase bottled water in grocers or restaurants. We will also try to buy cases of water to have on crusade days.