Cultural Info

Ministry Team Expectations

There is no golden rule about what to wear, but the believers in Uganda would never expect to see the following: 

1. A minister of the gospel wearing tattered pants.

2. A minister of the gospel addicted to drugs or who smokes cigarettes and drinks alcohol.

3. A minister of the gospel who dresses in a sexually provocative way.

4. A minister of the gospel who curses, swears and delights in obscenity.


Uganda is tropical.  The equator passes crosses through it.  It is warm though not as humid as our summers here in the US.  Light clothes and short sleeves or sleeveless clothes are great in such a hot environment.  They are acceptable.  Nevertheless, very short dresses or extremely mini shorts would be considered offensive.

Please note that on Sunday mornings, all men would be expected to be in dress clothes including shirt, tie, jacket and dress shoes and women wearing a dress or skirt that comes below the knee.

Ladies should not fear to wear their make up.  It is alright to wear make up, do your hair and have all the ornaments you like.

Some of the Church vices:

1. Many people in Uganda and other less developed countries believe everyone in the US has so much money and will finance their dreams.  So no one should be surprised when they get a project proposal that requires some dollars.

2. When asked for personal contacts and addresses or for invitation letters to the US, there is wisdom in directing them to me in case anyone finds it hard to say NO.



  • Remember that cultures differ on how often people shower and the scents they use. You may find, depending on how sensitive your sense of smell is, to be bothered by smells from body odor, food odor, or even sewer odors. A great tip is to have a roll on essential oil such as peppermint in a carrier oil to roll under your nose (on the down low of course as not to offend any of our country hosts).


  • Ugandans have a saying, " “Americans own watches but Ugandans own time”. 
  • You will find that many cultures outside of the US have a different idea of honoring people's times. Our role is to not make them act like Americans, but for all of us to act like Christ-followers. Sometimes it means explaining why being honoring of someone's time, is a way to honor all men.

Washing of Hands

  • Don’t hand sanitize in front of your hosts. 
  • They may bring around a bowl for you to put your hands over and they will pour water over your hands to rinse them before eating.