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How I found out about A Called Generation Information about my past mission trips-

How I found out about A Called Generation Uganda

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How I found out about A Called Generation This was an incredible trip that was actually a part of a 3 month - 3 country missions journey. My journey began in Colombia, then I went to the Congo and ended in Uganda. While in Uganda, our team worked with more than 12 churches and saw many salvations, healings and deliverances. God also opened the door for me to do Children's Ministry for the first time. This was huge for me because a year prior I felt the Lord calling me into Children's Ministry. I feel called to Missions and I feel called to Children's Ministry. In Uganda, I got to experience both. We also were a part for two church plants. We did an outreach in the slums and met a community of guys that used to smoke weed together. Jake, a fellow missionary, shared his testimony with them and several of the guys gave their lives to the Lord. We decided to meet back up with these guys and eventually they began a church while we were there. In another village, a few believers were meeting together each week under a tree. We joined their fellowship and did some ministry there. They also started a church and within a few weeks, they were constructing a building with metal sheets on the roof. It was amazing to be a part of this and hear the testimonies of people being healed there. 


How I found out about A Called Generation I worked with a local pastor there for two weeks. In the morning we would teach at a bible school and in the evening I would be involved with preaching at a open air crusade.  Thousands of people would attend each night, hundreds would give their lives to Jesus! There were also many testimonies of people getting healed. This trip was special to me because in 2015 while I was on another mission trip in the Netherlands, I received a prophecy from a teenager where he saw me preaching in Africa to thousands of people. While in the Congo, God was faithful to His word and brought this word to fruition. 


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How I found out about A Called Generation I joined a mission trip to Colombia with my brothers and their college campus ministry. We worked with several churches to begin discipleship groups on two university campuses. We did training with the students that were already Christians and taught them how to disciple others. It was amazing to see them catch the vision. We saw several univestiy students give their lives to the Lord and join discipleship groups on there campuses. We also visited an impoverished area and worked with an orginaztion that has an after school program for the kids in this community. We had so much fun working with the kids and showing them the love of God. 


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How I found out about A Called Generation I had the opportunity to spend three months in Germany as a part of a church plant in Frankfurt. Something I found interesting was that universities in Germany is free, so thousands of students from other countries come to Germany to get their education. One of the requirements to attend is to be fluent in German, so many go to language school before enrolling. One of my favorite parts of the trip was going to language school and connecting with students from a multitude of different countries and religions. On the first day we went to lunch with some students from Turkey and Mexico. We also connected with students from Egypt, Portugal, Mauritius, Russia and many other countries. We built relationships with the students by showing them the love of God. During the last month our team worked at the refugee camps and nursing homes. Many of the university students came to serve along side us and several were a part of the first service at the new church plant. I loved my time there and hope I have the opportunity to return in the future. 

How I found out about A Called Generation How I found out about A Called Generation

How I found out about A Called Generation I found out about ACG through Pastor Trey Reynolds who had originally connected Pastor Renae Luketic and my father. While they were talking about the possible mission trip to Uganda, my dad mentioned that I would be interested in joining the team.  I connected with Pastor Renae and started coming to the Thursday night group she hosts.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new." (2 Corinthians 5:17 NKJV)


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