We are blessed to be able to call Middle Tennessee is our home hub and we want to walk out in our own backyard what we teach globally- We can do more together for the Kingdom then on our own. 

What would happen if communication happened between ministries, churches, and believers from all background sharing the revival happening in the hearts of man toward God? What would happen if we worked together living a lifestyle that was more then just what church we belong to, but living a Great Commission lifestyle where to GO into the world, LIVE a gospel life, and SHARE the good news that saves? The Answer: Middle Tennessee would be changed for eternity!

We can steward our corner of the globe well as we disciple and lead, but we also know it is important to keep a kingdom perspective as well. This network is never meant to take away from what your home church or ministry does, but to encourage it.

You will receive a bi-monthly #calledtogether email with connection opportunities in our city as well have opportunities to submit your events/ministry items to be part of our e-news.