1. GO TO CAMPUSES to be in the sphere of influence with students and faculty.

  2. LIVE A GOSPEL LIFE by taking every opportunity to live as Christ did positioning ourselves to come into contact with people while having the Fruit of the Spirit evident in every area of our lives.

  3. SHARE THE GOOD NEWS whenever opportunity arises trusting the Holy Spirit to give us confidence and boldness to engage with unbelievers offering a Gospel message of love giving them an opportunity to choose a relationship with God through Christ and the work of the cross and to be guided in all truth by the Holy Spirit.


  1. Unite, partner with and support local churches of all denominations on campus to share the HOPE of the Gospel with the lost by providing community bible study groups.

  2. Equip, partner with and support campus ministries to actively share the Gospel on Campus by offering partnership in Take the City and campus evangelism opportunities.

  3. Mobilize, partner with and support Christ-followers to actively share the the Gospel OUTSIDE of our church walls through building relationships in our community, engaging people where they live by offering prayer, and building trust with our community as safe to ask questions about Christianity.

  4. Connect those seeking Christ or new converts with local bible studies to ask questions and have opportunities to accept Christ as their Savior and to be discipled.

Imagine the ripple effect of international students being reached with the gospel.

They may be from countries who have never heard the gospel coming to a campus to study and are invited to a CALLED GENERATION HOUSE where they welcomed. They can expect to be shown what God's family looks like all the while are being inviting to learn more about who Jesus is, God's love for them and opportunities to ask questions. Our prayer is that these students will have a life changing encounter with the gospel and commit their lives to Jesus and become missionaries in their own country.

Imagine the ripple effect of a worship and prayer tent on campuses.

Students from every background will pass by it everyday hearing worship and many will stop by out of pure curiosity, some will be drawn to the peace projecting from the worship happening inside of the tent, while others simply come inside the tent out of desperation with no where else to go.

Reaching college students with the gospel will not only effect them, but their entire future family tree. Instead of being rooted in the brokenness of the world's family tree, they will be rooted into the sanctified family tree of God's family.

"For You are my hope; O Lord GOD, You are my confidence from my youth." - Psalm 71:5