MTSU Worship and Prayer Tent Coming Soon!
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Hi Friends!

I wanted to share our heart for MTSU campus so you can be praying and consider helping wherever God stirs your heart.

In March, 2017 while visiting David's Tent, which is a 24/7 Worship and Prayer tent in Downtown Washington, DC, I noticed how sweet it was when people walking by would just stop in to sit for a while or ask for prayer.  We were part of Awaken the Dawn in DC this past October with 54 worship and prayer tents operating 24/7 for 72 hours and it was the most impactful thing I have ever witnessed. We want that type of positive impact on campus.

God began to stir my heart on what it would look like to have a worship and prayer tent at MTSU. While praying, I wondered what it would look like if there was a place on campus that allowed students to come and sit in the peace no matter if they are a Christ-follower or not. What would it look like for students and faculty to know when they see the tent up, they can come join us for worship and that if they are hurting, lonely, or looking for answers that they are welcome to come and sit.

We want this tent to have no agenda except to be a refuge of HOPE for students and faculty and for them to feel the peace of the Father's love. Our desire is for worship leaders to take 2 hour time slots when it is operating fully three days a month and for us to have a worship service inviting campus ministries to join us from 7-9pm. 

For November, we are trying to figure out what approvals we need for a night worship service in the free speech area outside of the Student Union Building in a tent.

If you can offer any assistance to get me to right place I'd be thankful!

If you want to join us once we get approval, I'd love to hear from you! We would like to do our first campus tent worship night Friday, November 17th from 7-9 pm with set up happening at 3pm.

Renae Luketic