A Called Generation Together

Our Focus.

Reaching Young People

We reach young people in our city through serving in our city community center, community youth group, outreach events, anti-bullying and leadership programs in public schools, family coaching and more. 

Reaching Leaders

We encourage and train leaders in both the marketplace and ministry spheres to impact those around them with Christ-like leadership and with a servant’s heart.

Serving in Unity

Christ-following was never meant to be a competition. We focus on uniting believers of all background and denominations to come together to reach our cities and to have a global impact.


Forward Thinking Leaders.

It's not about us, but the legacy of kingdom leadership we leave behind.

About Us.

Curious About Our Culture?

We believe in a culture of honor, a heart to serve like Christ, to have real conversations regarding the culture around us and how it differs from the culture of being a Christ-follower.


We desire to become more like Jesus every day knowing we will make mistakes along the way, but being humble enough to say “I’m sorry” to those we are in relationship with.


We are called to be Peacemakers which can only happen by uniting around the Gospel and not being passive in loving people enough to share the Remedy that is Jesus!


If this is something you that resonates with you, considering becoming part of our network to make an impact together.


Renae Luketic

God has called me to pour into young people, leaders and to mobilize the body of Christ with a heart for unity as outlined in the Gospel.

My resume isn’t what qualifies me, it simply just reflects how God can use anyone who is willing.

I am humbled and thankful to be able to serve you, our community, churches, marketplace business owners and leaders globally.